Cryptocurrency technical specification


Global Cryptocurrency

The Global Cryptocurrency is a decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority. The maximum amount of our coins has been set to 1.888.888.888 after the coinburn, with 1% yearly depreciation, making it suitable for the large economy with the ability to replace the use of fiat currencies globally.

From a user’s perspective, Global Cryptocurrency is virtual money for a daily use, setting it aside from many other digital currencies which have been created and/or purchased mostly as an investment. Our aim is to become the world’s most powerful, admired and daily used cryptocurrency. We believe that soon GCC will be commonly used just like the traditional currencies. It is our goal to build a strong and stable currency, based on people’s trust and belief – the people’s money.


The Algorithm

The GCC coin is based on 13 different cryptographic algorithms, made specifically for GPU mining and therefore applies to the X13 standard. It consists of blake, bmw, groesti, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo, hamsi and fugue sub-algorithms.

The verification time, block maturity of the GCC transactions has been reduced to 60 seconds. By comparison, the average verification time for some other cryptocurrencies’ transactions may vary between 10 and 40 minutes. This allows very fast transactions, suitable for daily life.


Transaction Fees

Each transaction made with Global Cryptocurrency carries a very small fee of 0.088%. From this fee 0.024% will go to the further development and maintenance of the coin and develop more online portals where the coin can be used. Additionally, 0.024% will go for the SINC network, 0.040% will go into Nature projects, all which are described below in more detail.


The Wallet

Global Cryptocurrency has a state of the art wallet, which is currently available for Windows system, Mac OS and Linux. Android wallet app and web wallet are ready, iOS app will be launched as soon as possible.

It has a built-in built in block explorer for the verification of the transactions. Additional features include mining, statistics and address book.


GCC profits

There are 2 different ways of profiting from our coin. These opportunities are available or everyone.


Participating in SINC (Smart Intelligent Network Concept)

The Network Structure referred to as SINC, gets 0,024% fee from every transaction made worldwide on our portals. This is regardless if the transaction is a website part of the Ecosystem24 concept or a true peer-to-peer transaction paying for goods and services between users of Global Cryptocurrency.

That way, the more users and transactions, the more profits for the SINC members who can earn more money by recommending the use Global Cryptocurrency to other people and businesses.



Global Cryptocurrency uses a combination PoW and PoS methods in mining the coin. It is possible for the people to mine our currency using PoS. As mentioned above the coin itself is based on X13 algorithm and has the following characteristics:

  • Maximum amount of coins: 1.888.888.888 billions
  • Premined coins in block 0: 5.76 million
  • Blocks reward:
  • – 0 – 5.7 million
    – 1 – 20160 – 476000
    – 20161 – … – 40000

  • RCP port – 5548 / 5549
  • P2P port – 57603 / 57604
  • Tor port – 9060 / 9061
  • GPU mining
  • Block maturity – 60 seconds
  • Increasing difficulty over the time
  • New problem is posted every minute
  • Maximum PoW 40% – 5.76 million
  • PoW stops and PoS starts when the coin is publicly released


The block explorer

As mentioned in the wallet section, the wallet contains a block explorer. Global Cryptocurrency has also a web block explorer that helps proof ownership of each coin and maintaining an online record of the transaction. Go to Find live trading reports from exchanges GCC is listed on there too. In addition, you can find GCC Ticker application for Android at the shop to follow the current GCC rate.


Global Cryptocurrency spending opportunities – Ecosystem24

We believe that the digital currencies are going to replace fiat currencies in the long term and therefore, we wanted to create a cryptocurrency with a stable value, meant for everyday purposes such as purchasing a cup of coffee, food in a restaurant, a holiday or used as a payment method for services, such as hairdresser or car maintenance. We are both working on creating an Ecosystem24, a portal of online products, where the user can purchase goods and services, such as travel or pizza delivery, online gambling for our currency and creating opportunities and incentives for our members to start accepting GCC in their businesses. We believe in creating as diverse as possible spending opportunities to GCC coin, we are supporting the value of our coin.