Policies and Procedures


Global Community Concept Group Ltd. (hereafter referred to SINC 3D) is a company with a bonus system based on a Community Business Model. The basis of SINC 3D’s success is a network of branches that use the strength of personal recommendation to promote SINC 3D products and services, building brand awareness and presenting amazing business opportunities to a new community member.
SINC 3D is in the process of signing affiliation agreements with branches to make them part of its business opportunities.


Section 2.1 – Definitions
Global Community Concept Group Ltd.
c/o HSM Corporate Services
68 Fort Street George Town, PO Box 31726
Grand Cayman, KY1-1207 Cayman Islands
Authorization code: 627363657172
Entity File Number: CR-332519

Affiliate – a natural person, a legal person, an organizational unit that is not a legal person, carrying out a business activity on its own behalf, has signed a partnership agreement, has accepted these SINC 3D Regulations and the Code of Ethics of SINC 3D.
Potential affiliate – a person who is familiar with the contract, these Regulations and the Code of Ethics of SINC 3D and is considering signing them.
Community Business Model – the type of direct sales consisting in offering goods and services directly to consumers on the basis of individual contacts combined with the process of directing their own group of distributors to obtain passive income, i.e. commission
Customer (recipient) – a person who buys SINC 3D products and services.
Active Affiliate – an Affiliate that meets the minimum requirements set out in SINC 3D Compensation Plan, in a way that entitles them to receive bonuses and commissions.
Active position – refers to the current position of the Affiliate specified in SINC 3D Compensation Plan for any period of time. To be considered “active” in relation to each rank, the Affiliate must meet the criteria set out in SINC 3D Compensation Plan for its specific rank (see the definition of “rank” below).
Rank – bonus based on BV collected in the lesser leg.
Affiliate party – a shareholder, member, partner, director, trustee or another party with any ownership or management responsibility for the legal entity.
Agreement – an agreement between SINC 3D and another person or legal entity, including websites associated with the application and contract, SINC 3D Compensation Plan, and these terms in their current wording, as amended, in accordance with what SINC 3D considers to be right.
Affiliate Package – a selection of SINC 3D training materials and literature on business support and a duplicated website of the branch, which each independent branch of SINC 3D must purchase at the start.
Cancellation – termination of the business by the Affiliate. This ending may be voluntary, involuntary, through non-recognition or inactivity.
Branching down – each of the units registered under a given Affiliate and their individual marketing organizations represent one “branch” in the marketing organization of a given Affiliate.
Branching up – this term refers to an Affiliate located above a specific one in SINC 3D structure.
Closer person – spouse, ascendants, descendants and people running a household together.
Legal entity – a legal person, an organizational unit that is not a legal entity that performs a business activity on its own behalf.
Level – Mutual location of Affiliate in SINC 3D structure. This term refers to the relationship between Affiliates.
Organization of the structure – setting levels at which individual Affiliates and groups of Affiliates are located.
Official SINC 3D material – Literature, audio or video files, websites and other materials maintained, printed, published and distributed by SINC 3D for Affiliates.
Personal production – moving SINC 3D products or services to the final customer for use.
Rank achieved – the rank that the Affiliate has ever achieved in SINC 3D Compensation Plan.
Recruitment – encouraging people to join SINC 3D structures.
Telemarketing – means one or more telephone conversations with an entity or entity to make purchases of SINC 3D products or services, or recruit them for SINC 3D’s capabilities.
Registered external website – personal page of the branch, approved by SINC 3D, which is maintained on servers not belonging to SINC 3D and has no connection with SINC 3D.
Duplicated website – a website provided by SINC 3D to branches that use website templates developed by SINC 3D.
Products suitable for resale – products are considered to be re-sold under the following conditions: 1) they are unopened and unused; 2) the packaging and labels have not been modified or destroyed; 3) they are in such a condition that, from the commercial point of view, they are suitable for the sale of the goods at full price; 4) have been returned to SINC 3D within one year from the date of purchase. Any product that has been clearly identified at the time of sale as non-returnable, withdrawn, or as a seasonal product, will be considered unsuitable for re-sale.
Code of Ethics SINC 3D – an attachment to these Regulations containing a set of standards in force at SINC 3D
Retail client – a legal person/entity purchasing products from SINC 3D, who is not also a participant in SINC 3D Compensation Plan.
Retail sales – sales to retail clients.
Social Media – any type of online (internet) media that speeds up and enables chatting, commenting and rating user-generated content, in contrast to traditional media that delivers content but does not allow readers/viewers/listeners to participate in creating or developing content, or commenting on and responding to it. Examples of social media are blogs, chats, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Delicious or YouTube.
Recruiter – An Affiliate that acquires a client or another Affiliate for SINC 3D.
Green Donations – Donations to green projects e.g. planting trees, saving the wildlife and reducing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Section 2.2 – Regulations and Compensation Plan
Each Affiliate has the obligation to get acquainted with any changes to SINC 3D Regulations and SINC 3D’s Code of Ethics. SINC 3D has the right to change all documents at any time and without prior notice.

Section 2.3 – Changes in the contract
SINC 3D reserves the right to make corrections to these regulations according to its sole and absolute discretion. By implementing the partnership agreement, the Affiliate agrees to comply with all amendments and modifications that SINC 3D decides to introduce. All changes can be made without prior notice. The changes come into effect immediately, unless SINC 3D decides otherwise.
Submission of amendments will be published in one or more of the following ways: 1) by posting information on the official SINC 3D website; 2) by email; 3) at the office back office of the branch; 4) placing information in SINC 3D; 5) placing information in product orders or bonus control, and 6) in special e-mails.

Section 2.4 – Cancellation of the regulations
If any provision of the contract or the Regulations, in its current wording or amendments made, is invalid or unenforceable for any reason, only the invalid part/parts of the contract will be invalidated and the remaining conditions and provisions will remain in full force and with all consequences. The annulled provisions or parts thereof must be reformed in order to reflect the purpose of the provision as precisely as possible.

Section 2.5 – SINC 3D’s rights to the Affiliate’s claims
SINC 3D never relinquishes its right to insist on the fulfillment of the contract and relevant business laws. The existence of any claims or an Affiliate against SINC 3D does not constitute a defense line for SINC 3D to enforce any terms or provisions of the contract.

Section 3.1 – Terms for being an Affiliate
A person who wants to be an Affiliate must meet the following conditions:
– be of legal age adapted to the legal requirements of the country responsible for Affiliate.
– give SINC 3D his / her valid identification number accepted in a given country
– acquire the selected Affiliate Package.
– read and accept SINC 3D Regulations, SINC 3D Code of Ethics and possibly also other documents provided by SINC 3D.
SINC 3D reserves the right to accept or reject any application without giving a reason.

Section 3.2 – Affiliate Package and product purchase
To become an Affiliate and get acquainted with SINC 3D products, services, sales techniques, sales aids and other matters, SINC 3D requires the purchase of a selected Affiliate Package from SINC 3D or the purchase of such a set from Affiliates who terminate their Affiliate-ship agreements in accordance with the terms of these Regulations.

Section 3.3 Benefits of being an Affiliate
When an Affiliate package is bought and the person confirms to read and accept SINC 3D Regulations and SINC 3D Code of Ethics – the account is activated.
The aforementioned benefits are the rights to:
Selling SINC 3D products and services;
When Affiliate wants to payout money or coin – then KYC must be approved by support team;
Participate in SINC 3D Compensation Plan;
Building a marketing organization within SINC 3D and developing SINC 3D Compensation Plan.
Receiving cyclical SINC 3D literature and other information.
Participate in sponsored support, service, training, motivational and discretionary activities/events organized by SINC 3D, upon payment of appropriate fees (if applicable) and participation in promotional and encouraging competitions/programs and programs sponsored by SINC 3D for their branches / Affiliate.

Section 3.4 – Terms and prolongation of your SINC 3D Business
If the Affiliate does not pay the Affiliate Package fee or other fees required by these regulations or other agreements and regulations, the Affiliates participation in the structure will be suspended and he will not be entitled to receive commissions and bonuses for this participation period until the fees are paid. If the Affiliate, despite being called, fails to pay the fee for launching the start page within 7 days, the partnership agreement will be permanently canceled.

Section 4.1 – Adapting to SINC 3D Compensation Plan
Affiliates are required to adapt to the conditions of SINC 3D Compensation Plan, presented in the official SINC 3D literature. Each Affiliate can have only 1 income center. Increasing this number, through the creation of more positions, is unacceptable and equivalent to terminating the contract with the Affiliate and the loss of all accumulated funds. In exceptional cases, however, SINC 3D may decide otherwise.
Combined sales tools and techniques with another program, sales system and tools, marketing techniques or attempts to do so are not allowed. No current and potential Affiliate or Client may be encouraged, induced, or in any way obliged to act in contravention of SINC 3D Regulations or the Compensation Plan to obtain SINC 3D Affiliate status. Moreover, it is forbidden for the Affiliates to persuade other existing or prospective Clients or Affiliates to make any payment or purchase from any legal entity or person to participate in SINC 3D Compensation Program other than those considered as required or suggested by the official SINC 3D literature.

Section 4.2 – Advertising
Section 4.2.1 – General Assumptions
All Affiliates should guarantee and by their actions promote the good name of SINC 3D and their products. Marketing and promoting SINC 3D, SINC 3D’s capabilities, the Compensation Plan and SINC 3D products must avoid any rude, deceptive, misleading, unethical or immoral behavior or practices.
In order to properly promote products and services, as well as to develop mutual trust between Affiliates and Customers, each Affiliate is required to become acquainted with the Code of Ethics of SINC 3D, which constitutes an attachment to these Regulations.
Accordingly, Affiliates may advertise or promote the interests of SINC 3D using approved/recognized tools, templates and images purchased by SINC 3D. No additional approval of officially approved tools is required. An Affiliate wishing to design their own marketing materials of any kind, both offline and online, must submit designs/designs to SINC 3D advertising department for the purpose of their acceptance and inclusion in the library of templates/photos. Only the official consent of SINC 3D authorizes the use of such materials.

Section 4.2.2 – Trademarks and copyrights
SINC 3D name and other names adopted by SINC 3D are registered trade names, trademarks and service marks of SINC 3D. Trademarks of SINC 3D are protected and are provided to the Affiliate only for their own use in a clearly designated manner. SINC 3D does not allow the use of its trade names, trademarks, designs or symbols, or any derivative thereof, by any person, including SINC 3D Affiliates without its prior written consent.
The essence of all events sponsored by the company is material protected by copyright. Affiliates may not produce any recorded company events or sales for sale or distribution without the written consent of SINC 3D, and no Affiliate may duplicate any audio or video recordings made by the company for the sale or for personal use.
The Affiliate may use SINC 3D name as follows:
Affiliate’s name
Independent SINC 3D Affiliate
“Alice Smith
Independent SINC 3D Affiliate ”
Affiliates may not use SINC 3D name in any form in the name of their team, the slogan of the page, the name of the external website, the address of their private website or extension, in the email address, as their personal name and as a pseudonym. In addition, Affiliate can use the phrase Independent Affiliate of SINC 3D in their phone call or answering machine to clearly and clearly separate their company from SINC 3D. For example, Affiliates can not approve a domain named www.buysinc3d.com, nor can they create a web address like info@sinc3d.com

Section 4.2.3 – Independent SINC 3D Affiliate logo
If the Affiliate uses SINC 3D logo in any form of communication, he or she must use the version for the Independent Affiliate of SINC 3D. The use of another SINC 3D logo requires written permission.

Section 4.2.4 – Media and media inquires
Affiliates can not respond to media inquiries about SINC 3D, their products or services or their independent SINC 3D affairs. All inquiries of any media must be immediately sent back to SINC 3D Marketing Department (support@sinc3d.com). This policy is to ensure that accurate and consistent information is provided to the public as well as the public image.

Section 4.2.5 – Unwanted e-mail
SINC 3D does not allow Affiliates to send unsolicited advertising e-mails unless these e-mails strictly comply with applicable law. Any e-mail sent by an Affiliate who promotes SINC 3D, SINC 3D’s capabilities or the products and services of SINC 3D must include the following:
There must be a valid and valid return address to the sender.
You must mention in an email that advises the recipient that he or she can reply to the email via the current return address, upon request that future unwanted emails will not be sent to him/her – resignation information.
The e-mail must contain the physical address of the Affiliate.
The e-mail must clearly and visibly disclose that it is an advertising message or an invitation to read the offer.
The use of deceptive theme lines and/or false header information is prohibited.
All sent to Affiliates and reasonable termination of the contract, resignation (including receipt of information materials), received by e-mail or traditional mail, must be accepted by Affiliates and forwarded to the appropriate SINC 3D department or in case of doubt at support@TheGGCgroup.com.
SINC 3D may cyclically send advertising e-mails on behalf of Affiliates. By entering into the partnership agreement, the Affiliate agrees that the company may send such e-mails and that the physical Affiliate’s address and e-mail address will be included in this type of message as specified above. The Affiliates should accept and send to SINC 3D cancellation requests related to sending such e-mails by SINC 3D.

Section 4.2.6 – Unwanted faxes
Except as provided in this section, Affiliates may not use or transmit unsolicited faxes in connection with their SINC 3D affairs. The term “unsolicited faxes” means the transmission by telephone or computer of any material or information that advertises or promotes SINC 3D, its products, its plan of Alignment or any other aspect of SINC 3D that is passed on to any person. These terms do not apply to faxes that are sent to:
a) any person who has previously issued an invitation or consented or
b) to any person towards whom the Affiliate has established business or personal relationships.
The term “established business or personal relationships” means an earlier or existing relationship created by a voluntary bilateral agreement between an Affiliate and a person based on:
(a) the examination, application, purchase or transaction made by a person regarding products offered by such Affiliate or
b) a personal or family relationship that has not been previously terminated by either party.

Section 4.2.7 – Phone lists
Affiliates may be listed as “Independent SINC 3D Affiliates on white or yellow pages of the phone book or online catalog under their own name / their own name. No Affiliate may place the phone or display the online catalog using SINC 3D name or logo. Affiliates are not allowed to respond to calls saying “SINC 3D”, “SINC 3D Incorporated” or in any other way that could make the caller believe that he or she has reached the offices of SINC 3D. If an Affiliate wishes to put his name in a phone book or online catalog, this must be done in the following way:
Name / Surname
Independent Affiliate of SINC 3D
“Alice Smith
Independent SINC 3D Affiliate ”

Section 4.2.8 – Advertising on radio and television
Affiliates may not advertise on television or radio except in the event of an explicit written permission from SINC 3D

Section 4.2.9 – Advertisements prices
Affiliates may not create their own marketing or advertising materials offering any SINC 3D products at a price lower than the current price together with shipping costs and applicable taxes

Section 4.3 – Online management
Section 4.3.1 – Affiliate websites
Affiliate can create their own websites as long as the site and its content meet the conditions of SINC 3D Regulation and SINC 3D Code of Ethics. It is the Affiliate’s responsibility to ensure that his online marketing is trustworthy, true, has no irregularities and hidden meanings and that the site does not mislead customers or potential Affiliates in any way. Websites and promotional activities on the web and tactics that are misleading or deceptive, whether they are their intention or not, will result in disciplinary action. Misleading tactics include (but are not limited to): links to SPAM (or SPAM on the blog), tactics of unethical search engine optimization, misleading click-through advertising (e.g. with the display URL of the Pay-Per campaign) -Click that seems to be directed to the official SINC 3D corporate website while, in fact, it redirects somewhere else), unapproved banner ads and unauthorized press releases. SINC 3D will be the only determinant of truthfulness/veracity, whether specific actions are misleading or are tricky.

Section 4.3.2 – The content of the registered external site
The Affiliates are solely responsible for their own content of the registered external site: the site, news, claims and information, and must ensure that they adequately represent and enhance SINC 3D brand and adhere to the terms and procedures of SINC 3D. In addition, the registered external site may not contain pop-up advertisements or promotions or malicious codes. Decisions and actions in this regard remain under the exclusive consideration of SINC 3D

Section 4.3.3 – Disclosure of SINC 3D Affiliates
In order to avoid confusion, the following three elements should be prominently displayed at the top / in the header of any external website:
1. Logo of SINC 3D Affiliate
2. name surname/name and title of SINC 3D
3. SINC 3D corporate site redirection button.
For consistency, the Affiliate must ensure that everyone visiting the Affiliates external site must be clearly aware that he is on the Independent Affiliate website and not directly on SINC 3D corporate site.

Section 4.3.4 – Registered websites must only be promoted by SINC 3D.
SINC 3D Affiliate website must contain content and information about SINC 3D only. You are not allowed to advertise products or services other than those from SINC 3D production line and SINC 3D capabilities.

Section 4.3.5 – Team websites
Affiliates can use team sites or such purposes as connecting, communicating, training, education and sharing best practices among team members. Because these sites may contain sensitive and company-specific information, these sites must be password-protected and can only be shared with those approved by SINC 3D.

Section 4.3.6 – Domain names, e-mail addresses and online aliases.
Affiliates, Clients or any other person may not register or use for their own purposes inconsistent with this SINC 3D Trademarks, product names, or any derivatives of the names of any Internet domains, e-mail addresses or online pseudonyms. In addition, Affiliates, Customers or any other person may neither register domain names, e-mail addresses or online pseudonyms that could confuse, mislead or be misleading in such a way that they could inspire a person’s faith or the assumption that the communication comes from or is owned by SINC 3D.

Section 4.3.7 – Hotlink
When redirecting readers to the Affiliate Registered External Website or duplicate page, this must be made transparent by the combination of link and surrounding context for a reasonable reader that the link will be transferred to the Independent Affiliate
page of SINC 3D. Attempts to mislead traffic on websites by creating the impression that readers are directed to SINC 3D Corporate Website, when they are actually redirected to the Affiliate website (duplicated or registered externally) are unacceptable. Determining what is misleading or who is referred to as a reasonable reader is the sole consideration of SINC 3D.

Section 4.3.8 – Online advertisements
The Affiliates cannot use online ads (including craigslist) to catalog, sell or run SINC 3D’s retail trade. The Affiliate may use online ads (including craigslist) for purposes such as searching, recruiting or informing the public about the business opportunities of SINC 3D, bearing the templates approved by SINC 3D. These templates will be recognized individually as SINC 3D Affiliates. If the link or URL is provided, it must be linked to the Affiliate Duplicate Party or Affiliate Registered External Site.

Section 4.3.9 – EBay and internet/online auctions
SINC 3D products and services can not be cataloged on eBay, Allegro or other online auctions. In addition, Affiliates may not recruit or deliberately allow third parties to sell SINC 3D products on eBay or other online auctions
Section 4.3.10 – EBay and internet/online auctions
Affiliate can not catalog or sell SINC 3D products in any of the online retail stores or e-commerce sites, they can not also recruit or deliberately allow third parties to sell SINC 3D products in any of the online retail stores or e-commerce sites without individual consent from SINC 3D.

Section 4.3.11 – Advertising banners
The Affiliate may place advertising banners on the site, provided that the templates and photos accepted by SINC 3D are used. Each advertising banner must link to the duplicated Affiliate site or a registered external site. Affiliates can not use so-called “Blind advertisements”, i.e. those that do not reveal the identity of the company or websites that cause product or income claims to be related to SINC 3D products or SINC 3D’s capabilities.

Section 4.3.12 – Switching SPAM
Connecting SPAM is defined as multiple submissions of the same or similar content as blogs, guest book wikis or other publicly available internet platforms or discussion forums and is prohibited. This includes SPAM blogging, SPAM-commenting on the blog or spamdexing. Any comment the Affiliate put on the blog, forum, in the guest book must be unique, informative, informative and relevant.

Section 4.3.13 – Sending/uploading digital materials (Youtube, iTunes, Photobucket etc.)
Affiliates may “upload files”, approve or publish videos relating to SINC 3D, audio files or photo content that they develop and create as long as it goes hand in hand with SINC 3D values, contribute to a greater good and comply with the terms and conditions SINC 3D procedures. All entries must clearly identify the Affiliate as an Independent Affiliate of SINC 3D in SINC 3D content itself. However, the content description tag must adhere to all requirements protected by copyright and must specify the person who is solely responsible for the content. Affiliates are not allowed to upload, approve or publish any content (video, audio, presentation or any computer files) received from SINC 3D or captured as official SINC 3D events or in buildings owned or operated by SINC 3D without prior written permission.

Section 4.3.14 – Sponsored links/„pay per click” advertisements
Sponsored advertising or pay-per-click advertising is allowed. Affiliate is not allowed to show any URL that could lead the user to believe that he or she is being redirected to SINC 3D Corporate Website or be unsuitable or misleading in any way.

Section 4.3.15 – Domain names and email addresses
Except as specified in the Affiliate Web Application and Agreement, Affiliates may not use or attempt to register any trade names, trademarks, service names, service marks, product names, company names or any derivatives of any of the above, for any Internet domain, e-mail address -mail, social media or address.

Section 4.3.16 – Social Media
Social media can be used by Affiliates to share information about SINC 3D’s business opportunities and for exploration and sponsoring purposes. However, Affiliates who decide to use social media must strictly comply with the provisions of these Regulations, the provisions of the Code of Ethics of SINC 3D and the provisions of the regulations of portals servicing social media.
Social media pages can not be used to sell or offer specific SINC 3D products or services. The profiles that Affiliate create in any community where they discuss or mention SINC 3D must clearly identify the Affiliate as an Independent Affiliate of SINC 3D, and when an Affiliate participates in such a community, he must avoid inappropriate conversations, comments, photos, video or audio recordings, applications or any other adult, blasphemous, discriminatory or vulgar content. Determining what is inappropriate is the sole responsibility of SINC 3D.
Insulting, disparaging or dis-honesting Affiliate will result in disciplinary action specified in these Regulations. Advertising banners and images used on these pages must be up to date and must come from a library approved by SINC 3D. If a link is provided, it must be associated with the appointment of the Duplicate Affiliate Page or Registered External Website.
Affiliates can not use spam on the blog, SPAMidexing or any other repeatedly duplicated method to leave comments on the blog. Comments that the Affiliate creates must be useful, unique, relevant and refer to the article on the blog.
If required by law, SINC 3D is required to report vulgar, violent, inciting crime and hate content, as well as promoting communism and fascism.

Section 4.3.17 Affiliates are responsible for posts
The Affiliates are personally responsible for the posts and for all other online activity that relates to SINC 3D. Therefore, even if the Affiliate is not the owner or manages the blog or the media with social media sites, he will post on any of these pages a post referring to SINC 3D or one in which SINC 3D could be found, he is responsible for its publication. Affiliates are also responsible for posts that appear on any blog or website with social media that the Partner owns, administers or controls.

Section 4.3.18 Identifying yourself as an Independent SINC 3D Affiliate
Each Affiliate is required to disclose his full name / full name in posts on social media, and clearly identifies himself as an Independent Affiliate of SINC 3D. Anonymous posts or using pseudonyms is prohibited.

Section 4.3.19 – Social media as a sales and promotion forum
Pages with social media are parties that build relationships. Since establishing a relationship is an important part of the sales process, social media websites cannot be used as a direct means to generate sales or translate into what SINC 3D’s revenue opportunities are.

Section 4.3.20 – Deceptive advertisements
Misleading, deceptive or false content is prohibited. These include false or incomplete announcements referring to the profit opportunities of SINC 3D, products and services of SINC 3D or information from the Partner’s biography and statements.

Section 4.3.21 – Use of the intellectual property of a third party
If an Affiliate uses trademarks, trade names, service marks, copyright or intellectual property of any third party in any advertisement, he is responsible for ensuring that he or she has received/received the appropriate license or license to use such intellectual property and paid the appropriate license fee. All intellectual property of a third party must be properly appointed as the property of a third party and the Affiliate must comply with all restrictions and conditions that the owner of the intellectual property places in order to use his property.

Section 4.3.22 – Respect for privacy
The Affiliate must always respect the privacy of others in their advertisements. The Affiliate may not engage in rumors and rumors about any person or legal entity or competitive products or services. Affiliates may not provide a list of names/names of other persons or legal entities in their posts unless they receive the written consent of the individual or entity that is the subject of their advertisement.

Section 4.3.23 – Professionalism
The Affiliate must ensure that his / her posts are accurate and accurate. This requires checking facts about any materials that are made public on the web. The Affiliate should also carefully check his or her posts for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. The use of offensive language is prohibited.

Section 4.3.24 – Forbidden advertisements
Affiliates may not publish any announcements or links to any announcements or other materials that:
Contains content from the sexual sphere, obscene content or pornographic content;
They are offensive, blasphemous, full of hatred, threatening, harmful, defamatory, slanderous, harassing or discriminating on the basis of ethnic, religious, sexual, religious, sexual orientation, physical or other handicaps;
They are graphically brutal, including all images of violent video games;
They engage in personal attacks on any persons, groups of people or legal entities;
They violate any intellectual property rights of a legal entity or any person.

Section 4.3.25 Responding to negative advertisements
The Affiliate is required to refrain from engaging in any disputes with individuals or legal entities publishing content against him or another Independent Affiliate of SINC 3D. However, such behavior should be immediately reported to SINC 3D at support@sinc3d.com. The Affiliate can not escalate or expand discussions on such negative behavior, because it is inconsistent with SINC 3D Code of Ethics and is against its standards.

Section 4.3.26 – Social media sites with functions similar to a websites
All the provisions of this section are related to social media, regardless of whether they are websites, portals or independent applications and programs. Therefore, SINC 3D reserves the unique and exclusive right to classify specific social media websites as websites and requires that Affiliates use, or whoever wants to use, such sites in accordance with SINC 3D policy relating to independent websites.

Section 4.3.27 – The right to name “SINC 3D” in the event of suspension
If an Affiliate affiliated with SINC 3D ceases or suspends a business for any reason, he must cease using the name SINC 3D and all trademarks, trade names, service marks and all intellectual property of SINC 3D, and all derivatives of such marks and intellectual property, all advertisements and social media sites that he uses. If the former Affiliate places an ad on any social media site on which he has previously identified himself as an independent SINC 3D Affiliate, he must visibly disclose that he is no longer an independent Affiliate of SINC 3D.

Section 4.4 – Legal entities
Legal entities may apply to be a SINC 3D Affiliate by submitting a suitably completed and signed a partnership agreement. Legal entities, such as shareholders, members, trustees, Affiliates, trustees or other parties with any own interest or management responsibility, are jointly and severally liable for any debts to SINC 3D, in accordance with these SINC 3D Regulations, SINC 3D partnership agreement and other commitments to SINC 3D.
If any Affiliate wishes to terminate his / her relationship with the legal entity of which he is a member, co-owner, shareholder, shareholder, etc., after completing this affiliation must report this fact to SINC 3D in writing with the document proving this fact. Applications should be made to the physical address or e-mail address given in Chapter 14 of these Regulations. In addition, the Affiliates, preceding its interest in a legal entity, may not participate in any other SINC 3D business for six consecutive months in accordance with the non-applicable Regulations. If the legal entity wants to introduce any new Affiliate, it must meet the requirements of these Regulations.
Modifications allowed by the scope of this paragraph do not include a change of recruitment or other entries contained in these Regulations. For each change, SINC 3D requires a fee of 198 USD, which must be attached to the written request and completed application/partnership agreement. SINC 3D may require authenticated or notarial documents in its sole discretion before making any changes. Making a change can take at least 30 days depending on the complexity of the case. SINC 3D has the right, without giving any reason, to extend this term to obtain the necessary information or to rethink its position in the case.

Section 4.4.1 – Legal Entity change
Each Affiliate must immediately inform SINC 3D about all changes in the type of legal entity that cooperates with SINC 3D. The notification must be made no later than within 3 days counted from the day the changes occur. In the event of a delay in notification, SINC 3D is not responsible for the consequences of misleading someone about the legal entity. There may be a disciplinary liability for delay in SINC 3D information.

Section 4.5 Structure affiliation change
SINC 3D strongly discourages changes in the affiliation of the structure. Accordingly, transfer to another entity in SINC 3D structure is only permitted if explicit consent is obtained from SINC 3D. Requests for a change in the structure must be submitted in writing to the Affiliate Service Department (support@sinc3d.com) and must contain the reason for the transfer. Transfers will be taken into account only in the following three cases:
– if the relevant documents will be prepared and sent by the applicant;
– there are witnesses to the sales process;
– a fee of 198 USD will be paid in advance.

Section 4.5.1 – Improper placement
In cases where the new Affiliate was in a different structure than originally assumed, he may ask for the entire marketing organization to be transferred intact. Requests for transfer as part of this policy will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and must be made within 3 days of the date of entry. The Affiliate asking for a change bears the burden of proving the fact of placing in the structure against his will. SINC 3D has the freedom to decide whether or not the changes will be accepted.

Section 4.5.2 – Confirmation by branching up
An Affiliate seeking a transfer shall submit a properly completed and fully executed Affiliate Transfer Form which contains written consent and his superior in the structure.
Photocopies, facsimiles or copies of signatures are not accepted. All Partner’s signatures must be authenticated. An Affiliate who asks for a transfer must pay a fee of 198 USD for administrative fees and data processing. If the transferred Affiliate also wants to move any Affiliate in his / her marketing organization, each Affiliate from branching down must also provide a properly completed request for transfer Transfer form and deliver it to SINC 3D with a fee of 198 USD for the change. Affiliates from a downward branch will not be transferred with moving Affiliates until all the requirements of this section are met.
Providing a sponsorship transfer form by SINC 3D, processing and verification of changes requested by the Affiliate may last at least 30 days. This term may be extended without any indication of reasons to verify the data and prepare the position by SINC 3D. Moreover, in individual cases, SINC 3D may consider repealing the six-month period mentioned above. Such requests for repeal must be submitted to SINC 3D in writing and contain a justification.

Section 4.5.3 – Extended lack of support from upline member or recruiter
In cases in which an affiliate, despite requests from their direct downline affiliate and for a period of more than 9 months gives no support and conducts no clear documented activities to support their direct downline affiliate in his/her efforts to:
– develop his/her personal sales
– develop and grow a downline marketing organization, then the direct downline affiliate may request SINC 3D to consider moving his position and his/her downline marketing organization to another position within SINC 3D affiliate marketing organization.
In such circumstance, SINC 3D may decide to waiver the 198 USD transfer fee for the direct downline affiliates’ downline marketing organization. The direct downline affiliate must provide SINC 3D with a clear statement of lack of support and activities from their direct upline affiliate and the effect it has on his/her ability to develop sales volume in his/her marketing organization. SINC 3D will consider each such case individually and after a considerable period of a minimum of 1 week, at its sole discretion, may choose to move the affiliate’s position and their downline to a position where the affiliate may receive active participation from their newly allocated direct upline affiliate. The request from the direct downline affiliate must be made in writing, be dated and signed with their legible signature. Submission of such a statement does not in any way constitute a guarantee that SINC 3D will undertake to move the direct downline Affiliate and their downline marketing organization.

Section 4.6 – Waiver of claims
In cases where the relevant procedures for changing affiliation to the structure are not followed and the organization of branching down has been developed after the Affiliate has changed its place in the structure, SINC 3D reserves the sole right to determine the final shape and affiliation of branch members down.
The Affiliate waives any claims against SINC 3D, its employees, agents, shareholders and members of the Board and President relating to or resulting from SINC 3D’s decision regarding the new formation of any branching down after a change of place or structure by the Affiliate is inconsistent with these Regulations.

Section 4.7 Unauthorized claims and actions
Section 4.7.1 Compensation
The Affiliate is fully responsible for his / her verbal or written statements regarding the products, services, and plan for equalizing SINC 3D that are not explicitly included in the official SINC 3D materials. Includes the positions and presentations made by all sources of communication and media, whether it is direct, during meetings, via the Internet, through social media, in printouts or any other media.
The Affiliate assumes full liability for compensation against SINC 3D, its employees, agents, shareholders, board members and the President for any damage resulting directly or indirectly from unauthorized representation or actions of the Affiliate not approved by SINC 3D. This provision will also apply after the expiry of the partnership agreement.

Section 4.7.2 – Products claims
The Affiliate waives all claims against the products offered by SINC 3D except for those expressly provided for by Cayman law and these Regulations.

Section 4.7.3 – Compensation Plan Claims
The Affiliate resigns from claims against SINC 3D, its employees, agents, shareholders, board members and the President arising from the Compensation Plan, acknowledging at the same time that any success in the structure is not certain and is related to commitment, effort and sales skills. There is also a financial risk that the Affiliate must take into account.
Presenting SINC 3D Compensation Plan to other people or discussing it, the Affiliate must clearly show that the financial success of SINC 3D requires commitment, effort and sales skills. The Affiliate is obliged to explain that the joining person will not have profits or results only for the introduction of another person but for the sale of SINC 3D products.

Section 4.7.4 – Income claims
Affiliate, presenting or discussing the potential or plan of equalizing SINC 3D with a potential Affiliate, can not make representations of revenue, claims about revenues or disclose his / her SINC 3D’s income (including showing checks/bills, copies of checks/bills), bank statements or tax registers) unless, at the time the presentation is made, the Affiliate will provide a copy of SINC 3D disclosure statement to the person to whom he or she makes the presentation.

Section 4.7.5 – Income disclosure statement
The disclosure statement was designed to provide real, up-to-date and comprehensive information regarding the revenue generated by SINC 3D’s Affiliates.
A copy of the Revenue Disclosure Statement may be presented to a prospective Affiliate at any time when the Compensation Plan is presented or discussed, or when any revenue claim or presentation of earnings is made.
The term “revenue claim” or “presentation of earnings” includes:
1) list of current earnings;
2) a list of forecast earnings;
3) list of earnings range;
4) income references;
Affiliates who develop sales aids and tools in which the Compensation Plan or revenue claims are presented must incorporate the Revenue Disclosure Statement into any help or sales tool upon prior approval by SINC 3D.

Section 4.8 – Repacking and re-marking is prohibited
SINC 3D products may only be sold in their original packaging. Affiliates can not re-pack, re-label or re-label SINC 3D products. Tampering with products may result in civil or criminal liability. You can not delete existing labels or cover any text, graphics or other material on the product label.

Section 4.9 – Commercial outlets
Affiliates with no explicit agreement or agreement with SINC 3D may not sell SINC 3D products from any commercial market, nor may they display or sell SINC 3D products or literature in any commercial or service location. Sites that facilitate online auctions or sales, including eBay, Allegro, or Craig’s lists, constitute a commercial market, and can not be used to sell SINC 3D products.

Section 4.10 – Trade shows, exhibitions and other sales forums
Affiliates may display or sell SINC 3D products at trade shows and professional exhibitions only on the explicit consent of SINC 3D. The final consent will be given to the first Affiliate who approves the official advertising of the event, a copy of the contract signed by both the Affiliate and event official and a receipt indicating that the deposit for the position has been paid. Consent is issued only for a specific event. Any requests to participate in future events must be re-submitted to the marketing department. SINC 3D reserves the further right to refuse authorization to participate in any event that is not considered appropriate for the promotion of its products, services or SINC 3D capabilities.

Section 4.11 – Conflict of interests
Section 4.11.1 – Competitive activity prohibition
SINC 3D Affiliates can participate in other network marketing events or marketing opportunities. However, the Affiliates may not directly or indirectly acquire other Affiliates or clients for any other network marketing company than SINC 3D.
For the next 6 calendar months after the termination or termination by SINC 3D of agreements with the Affiliate, the former Affiliate may not acquire any SINC 3D Affiliates or Clients for another network marketing or other legal entity, in particular by sponsoring, soliciting, recruitment, encouragement or effort to influence in any way, directly or indirectly, or by a third party on a potential candidate.

Section 4.11.2 – Affiliate’s participation in other internet marketing programs
If an Affiliate is involved in a direct sales program other than SINC 3D, the Affiliate is responsible for ensuring that his or her activities in SINC 3D are managed separately and beyond any other program. The following conditions must be met:
– The Affiliate may not sell, or attempt to sell, any program, virtual product or services to SINC 3D’s Customers or Affiliates that are competitive to SINC 3D.
– Any program, virtual product or service in the same generic category as SINC 3D products or services is considered competitive, regardless of differences in costs, quality or differentiating factors.
– Affiliates may not present promotional materials, commercial aids, products or SINC 3D services in the same place as any promotional materials, sales aids, products or services other than those from SINC 3D.
– Affiliates may not offer SINC 3D’s opportunities, products or services to potential or existing customers or Affiliates in conjunction with any programs, capabilities, products or services not provided by SINC 3D.
Affiliates may not offer opportunities, products or services not from SINC 3D at any meetings, seminars, conventions, online conversations, teleconferences or events unrelated to SINC 3D.

Section 4.11.3 – Confidential information, the secret of SINC 3D
Confidential information includes, but is not limited to, downstream genealogy reports, the identity of SINC 3D’s clients and Affiliates, contact information of SINC 3D’s customers and Affiliates, personal and group sales volume, rank or Affiliate’s performance levels. Confidential information is or may be available to Affiliates in their respective office facilities. Affiliate access to such confidential information is password protected and is a trade secret that belongs to SINC 3D. Such confidential information is provided to Affiliates in the strictest confidence and becomes available to Affiliates for their sole purpose, which is to help work with their respective branching organizations downwards in the development of their activities at SINC 3D. Affiliates can not use these reports for other purposes than to develop their sales and activities in SINC 3D. If an Affiliate participates in other multi-level marketing ventures, he/she is not authorized to have access to the genealogy reports of branches down. Affiliates should use confidential information to support, motivate and train Affiliates under them.
To protect confidential information, Affiliates should not on their own behalf or on behalf of any other person, company, association, corporation or other entity:
– directly or indirectly disclose confidential information to any third party
– directly or indirectly disclose passwords or other access codes to his or her office facilities.
– use any confidential information to compete with SINC 3D or for a purpose other than promoting its / its activities in SINC 3D.
– recruit or sue for any Affiliate or Client included in SINC 3D Affiliate report or back office, or in any way attempt to influence or induce any Affiliate or preferred SINC 3D Client to modify its business relationship with SINC 3D:
– use or disclose to any person, company, association, corporation or other entity any confidential information
The obligation not to disclose confidential information will be effective after the termination or termination of the contract and should remain effective and binding regardless of whether the partnership agreement has been terminated, whether the Affiliate is or is not otherwise related to the company.
In order to protect the secrets, SINC 3D reserves the right to withdraw access to SINC 3D secrets at any time during the term of the agreement with the Affiliate without prior notice. By accepting these Regulations, the Affiliate agrees.

Section 4.12 – Recalling direct sellers
Affiliate acknowledges that by acting in SINC 3D and at the same time another network marketing or other entity may be sued by him. SINC 3D does not take responsibility for claims of other entities towards Affiliates operating in several marketing and can not be the recipient of any such claims. Affiliates who engage in such activities must be aware of the risk of their conduct and relinquish all possible fundamental and recourse claims against SINC 3D.

Section 4.13 – Errors or questions
If an Affiliate has questions or thinks that mistakes have been made regarding commissions, bonuses, genealogy lists or fees, he must report it in writing within 60 days of the alleged error. SINC 3D will not be responsible for any errors, omissions or problems not reported to it within 60 days from the date of the error.

Section 4.14 – Relying approval by state authorities
The operation of network marketing does not require special consent of the country in which it is held and therefore the Affiliate can not present the position or suggest that SINC 3D or its Plan of Leveling was approved, approved or otherwise confirmed by any state authority.

Section 4.15 – Products order
Affiliates can order products and their return procedure depends on the country in which the order was made.

Section 4.16 – Income taxes
Each Affiliate is responsible for paying local taxes on every income generated as an Independent Affiliate. SINC 3D is in no way responsible for paying taxes by Affiliates, their possible arrears and knowledge in the field of paying taxes, tax deductions, etc. It is the duty of each Affiliate to act within the law and pay tributes to the state in which he operates.

Section 4.17 – Contractor independent status
The contract between SINC 3D and its Affiliates does not create an employer-employee relationship, agency, company or joint venture relationship between SINC 3D and the Affiliate. Affiliates can not be treated as employees and there are no labor law provisions in these relations. The Affiliate is not authorized or explicitly expressed or implied to bind SINC 3D with any obligation or to modify the contract between SINC 3D and SINC 3D. Each Affiliate establishes and implements its own goals, allocates hours and methods of sale, is not in a relation of subordination to SINC 3D, respecting the principles of these Regulations and applicable law.

Section 4.18 – Insurance
Each Affiliate insures on his own, on his own and on his own responsibility, in any chosen insurance company. SINC 3D recommends the purchase of individual insurance against financial risk and civil liability by Affiliates, however, the company is not a beneficiary of insurance and can not be the recipient of any claims related to it.

Section 4.19 – Sales in other countries, customs and border Regulations
Affiliates are authorized to sell SINC 3D products and services and to recruit Clients or new Affiliates only in countries where SINC 3D has the authority to conduct business, as announced in the official literature of the company. Products or SINC 3D’s sales aids may not be sold in any of SINC 3D’s non-recognized countries.
In addition, no Affiliate may, in any unapproved country:
a) conduct sales, recruitment or training meetings,
b) recruit or attempt to recruit potential Clients or Affiliates
c) engage in any activity to sell SINC 3D products, establish marketing organizations, or promote SINC 3D’s capabilities.

Section 4.20 – Overstock and additional purchases
The Affiliate acknowledges that he must carefully read the customs regulations and regulations regarding the crossing of borders by goods and persons. SINC 3D takes no responsibility and does not accept claims for persons who have breached customs regulations or transported illegal or non-valuable goods across the border.

Section 4.21 – Observance of the law and informing SINC 3D
Affiliates in all their activities are to keep in mind and comply with the law, good manners, these Regulations and SINC 3D Code of Ethics. Any statements made by the state or local authorities regarding the Affiliate related to his activities in SINC 3D, he must immediately report to SINC 3D (at support@sinc3d.com) no later than 3 days from the day of starting operations to enable SINC 3D to file a possible position.

Section 4.22 – Informing your Affiliate’s spouse
The plan for equalizing SINC 3D requires that people in the marital relationship sponsor business together. Regardless of whether each spouse has signed a contract, none of them can serve or have any business jointly or separately and be directly or indirectly involved in the management or ownership of any business other than SINC 3D, regardless of its nature or form.
Any exceptions can be made after considering the case by SINC 3D, when, for example, two Affiliates are charged or when the Affiliate receives any decrease and becomes involved in another business.

Section 4.23 – Activities of household members or Affiliate/related parties
If a person close to the Affiliate engages in any activity that could violate the provisions of the agreement, these Regulations or SINC 3D Code of Ethics, then such activity will be considered a violation of one or more of the above acts by the Affiliate and SINC 3D may take actions provided for in these regulations. Similarly, if any entity related in any way with a legal entity, breaches the contract, the terms of these SINC 3D Regulations, such action will be considered a violation of one or more of the above acts by the legal entity, and SINC 3D may take action under these regulations against this legal entity.
In addition, if an Affiliate recruits people to SINC 3D as a legal entity, each member of the legal entity’s body will be personally and individually associated with the terms of the contract and must comply with it.

Section 4.24 – Application for registers (documentation)
Each Affiliate request/request for copies of invoices, applications/applications, branching down reports, or other documentation will require a fee of 2.5 USD per copy of each page. This fee covers the cost of posting and the time needed to find files and make copies of documents.

Section 4.25 – Marketing Organization Development
When there is a free job in the marketing organization due to the termination of the Affiliate’s solution in SINC 3D, each Affiliate at the first level directly under the contracting Affiliate along with the date of termination will be moved to the first level of Affiliate Recruiter who terminated the contract in a straight line.

Section 4.26 – Sales, transfer or assignment of SINC 3D Business
The freedom of having an Affiliate’s position in SINC 3D structure is subject to certain restrictions. If an Affiliate wishes to transfer under any legal title his / her position in the structure in SINC 3D to another person must meet the following criteria. The same applies to the transfer of rights under any legal title associated with the legal entity whose Affiliate is a partner, shareholder, general partner, limited partner, partner, etc. These criteria are as follows:
1. Documents regarding the transfer of positions in SINC 3D structure or the transfer of rights related to a legal entity are prepared and sent to the main SINC 3D office;
2. There is a confirmed sales document;
3. The verification process is completed and approved by SINC 3D;
4. A fee of 198 USD to SINC 3D has been paid in advance.
SINC 3D has the right to buy the Affiliate’s position in SINC 3D structure on terms and conditions agreed individually with SINC 3D. SINC 3D will have fourteen days from the date of confirmation of the written offer from the seller to exercise the right of first refusal.
The buyer or transferee is obliged to become a qualified partner of SINC 3D. If the buyer is an active SINC 3D Partner, then he/she must cease trading in SINC 3D and wait six calendar months before acquiring the position of another Partner or rights associated with the legal entity operating in SINC 3D structure.
Before finalizing the transfer of an Affiliate’s position or rights associated with a legal entity that this operation may be approved by SINC 3D, all financial obligations of the transferring Affiliate to SINC 3D must be met.
Before transferring under any legal title the position or rights associated with a legal entity operating in SINC 3D structure, the transferring Affiliate must submit such intention to SINC 3D in writing. The seller’s Affiliate must also receive written consent from SINC 3D for the above-mentioned activities. No changes in the recruitment line can come from the sale or transfer of SINC 3D business.

Section 4.27 – SINC 3D Business separation/division
In the event of the dissolution of a marriage acting jointly in SINC 3D structure and in the event of liquidation or other termination of the legal entity operation, the Affiliates must choose one of the following methods of operation.
One of the parties may, with the written consent of others, continue to act in the structure of SINC 3D. SINC 3D is not responsible for mutual repayments in this case of spouses, Affiliates, shareholders, partners, shareholders, limited partners, general partners, etc.
The parties may continue to manage SINC 3D business together as before the divorce decree, based on which all compensation paid by SINC 3D will be paid in accordance with the state of affairs that existed before the divorce or dissolution actions. This is the default procedure in the absence of the former spouses’ former position.
Under no circumstances will a downward branching organization belonging to a divorcing spouse or resolving legal entity be split. Likewise, in no event shall SINC 3D divide, commission or bonus between the divorcing spouses or the members of the dissolving entity. SINC 3D will only recognize one branching organization down and will issue only one commission check per activity in SINC 3D structure per cycle. Commissions will always be paid to the same entity or entity.
If the former spouse has completely waived all rights in the initial activity in SINC 3D structure on the basis of divorce, he/she can now act under the recruitment of his own choice without having to wait six calendar months. In the event of termination of a legal entity, a former partner, shareholder, member, shareholder, limited partner, legal partner, which ceases to be associated with a legal entity, must wait six calendar months from the date of the final solution before recruiting this Affiliate again. In both cases, the former spouse or person previously associated with the legal entity will not have any claims as to any of the Affiliate sin his former organization or any former retail client. The above-mentioned persons must start again in SINC 3D structure in the same way as a new Affiliate.

Section 4.28 – Help for a candidate for an Affiliate
Recruiting a new Affiliate, the recruiter can help the person applying for the Affiliate’s status in completing the recruitment documents. However, the applicant must personally read and agree to the terms of the online application, contract, these Regulations, SINC 3D Code of Ethics and SINC 3D Compensation Plan. A recruiter must not complete the online application form and contract on behalf of the applicant and agree to any provisions and provisions. In the event that this is the case, both the recruiter and the new Affiliate are disciplinary.

Section 4.29 Inheritance/succession
After the death or partial incapacitation of the Affiliate, his / her position in SINC 3D structure may be transferred to his / her heirs. Appropriate legal documentation in accordance with paragraphs 4.29.1 and 4.29.2 of these Regulations must be submitted to SINC 3D to ensure that the transfer took place in an appropriate manner. In the case of moving a position in SINC 3D structure on the basis of legal succession, the heir as an Affiliate gains the right to collect any bonuses and commissions of marketing organizations of the testator or incapacitated person, if the following conditions are met. the heir is obliged to:
Familiarization with the partnership agreement, its signing and performance;
Written consent to the terms of these Regulations
The heir must provide SINC 3D with all necessary data such as the address of the account number or other data needed to pay bonuses and commissions.
If an item in the structure is inherited by several heirs and intend to act together, they must create a legal entity in the form they choose. SINC 3D will pay bonuses and commissions to this legal entity.

Section 4.29.1 – Transfer after Affiliate death
SINC 3D should be provided to transfer SINC 3D business by inheritance
1) the original of the death certificate;
2) a will or declaration of acquisition of inheritance by a court or a certificate of inheritance by a notary public;
3) written instructions from an authorized contractor for SINC 3D, specifying to whom the business and income should be transferred if such instructions exist.

Section 4.29.2 – Transfer after legally incapacitated Affiliate
In order to transfer SINC 3D business due to the incapacitation of the Affiliate, the guardian or guardian must provide SINC 3D with the following documents:
1) incapacitation judgment;
2) the court’s decision to appoint a given person as a trustee or curator;
3) a completed partnership contract made by the trustee or curator.

Section 4.30 – Telemarketing techniques
Affiliates wishing to conduct any activities in accordance with the inadequate regulations and the agreement with SINC 3D via means of remote communication (eg telephone, fax, e-mail, Skype, social media) must become acquainted with the current law regarding this type of activity in the country, where they work. Affiliates should not use systems that automatically dial phone numbers for running their SINC 3D business.

Section 5.1 – Address, telephone number and e-mail address change
Affiliates are obliged to provide SINC 3D with up-to-date data regarding their address, telephone number, account number and e-mail address. The Affiliates changing the above data must immediately, not later than within 24 hours of the change, inform SINC 3D about the contact given in section 13 of these Regulations. In the event of the Affiliate changing data, he must inform SINC 3D in advance, providing at the same time when the new data will be fully valid. SINC 3D is not responsible for the non-delivery of shipments, funds or any other things due to the lack of timely data.
Delivery of a package to the Affiliate by SINC 3D will be effective on the date when the written information will be delivered to the address given by the Affiliate, e-mail address or fax or delivered by express courier.

Section 5.2 – Continuous development commitment
Section 5.2.1 – Ongoing training
Each Affiliate who recruits another SINC 3D Affiliate must provide him with free training and assistance to ensure that his / her branching down is properly managed. Both Affiliates with each other and with Recruiters in their organizations branching down must be in constant contact. Examples of such contact and communication are bulletins, written correspondence, personal meetings, telephone contacts, voicemail, e-mail, training sessions and other activities of Affiliates. Upward branch Affiliates are also responsible for motivating and training new Affiliates in terms of product knowledge, effective sales techniques, SINC 3D Compensation plan, and compliance with SINC 3D terms and procedures. However, communication and training down branches of Affiliates can not violate section 4.1 or 4.2 (concerning the development of commercial and promotional materials produced by Affiliates).
Affiliates should systematically control Affiliates in their branching organizations down to protect them against the creation of inappropriate products or commercial activities, and against involvement in any unlawful behavior.

Section 5.2.2 – Increased training responsibilities
Together with the promotion of Affiliates in SINC 3D structure and their gaining experience in sales techniques and knowledge about products and the meaning of SINC 3D program, they can be called by SINC 3D to share their knowledge and skills with less experienced Affiliates.

Section 5.2.3 – Responsibility in the course of sale
Regardless of the level of their achievements, Affiliates have a constant obligation to continue the personal promotion of sales for new customers and by looking after existing customers.

Section 5.3 – Comments on the activities of SINC 3D and other Affiliates
Each Affiliate can present his constructive criticism and comments, but they should only be presented in writing or by e-mail to support@sinc3d.com

Section 5.4 – Providing documents to the petitioners
Recruiters must provide recruiters with the most up-to-date version of the contract, SINC 3D Regulations, SINC 3D Code of Ethics and the Compensation Plan before the applicants sign a partnership agreement, or ensure that they have online access to these materials.

Section 6.1 – Sales of products
Affiliates must meet the requirements (both personal and branching down) of retail sales (as well as fulfill other obligations set out in the contract) to become eligible to receive bonuses, commission and promotion to a higher level of performance. The following sales requirements must be met for Affiliates to receive a commission.
Affiliates must meet the requirements for personal sales and sales down branches to meet the requirements of their rank as set out in SINC 3D Compensation Plan. Individual sales include purchases made by Affiliates and purchases made by customers on Affiliate orders. The downward branch result should include all sales of Affiliates in his or her marketing organization, but should not include an individual Affiliate sales result.
Part of the individual result, the total monthly sales of the Affiliate
should be sold to individual customers.

Section 6.2 – No restrictions on the territory
SINC 3D does not provide or grant any of the Affiliates or legal entities sales territories or exclusive recruitment. SINC 3D also prohibits Affiliates and legal entities from forcing other Affiliates or legal entities to occupy or leave sales or recruitment areas.

Section 6.3 – Sales regulations
All Affiliates must comply with the annexes and agreements for the sale of products and the provisions of these Regulations.
SINC 3D prohibits the sale of products at an underestimated price, i.e. one that grossly exceeds the real market value of these products.

Section 7.1 – Warranty and postponement of products
The Affiliates declare that they know the provisions of the applicable law with regard to the warranty and the guarantee of product quality and will apply to them. The Affiliate declares that he is familiar laws relating to distance communication and the sale of goods and services in this way. A consumer who has concluded a distance or off-premises contract with SINC 3D may, within 14 days, withdraw from it without giving any reason and without incurring costs, with the exception of the costs specified in applicable law

Section 7.2 – Returns made by retail customers
The return of the product must be in accordance with the law of the country from which it will take place. The address to which the product is to be returned will be on the website www.sinc3d.com. Money for a defective product will be refunded after checking the correctness of the return, the condition of the product and the applicable regulations in your country.

Section 7.3 – The return of stocks and trade aids by Affiliates after the contract expires
After the expiration of the partnership agreement, the Affiliate may return business sets, products and sales aids which he/she personally purchased from SINC 3D which are suitable for re-sale and which were purchased within one year before the contract expires.
Upon receipt of a re-saleable Affiliate Package or such products and commercial assistance, the Affiliate will receive a refund of 90% of the net cost of the original purchase price. Neither the shipping costs or handling fees incurred by the Affiliate when the Affiliate Package, products or sales aids were purchased nor refunds of the shipping cost will be refunded. If purchases were made using a credit card, the refund will be returned to the same account. If an Affiliate is paid a commission based on the products that he/she has bought, and such products are then returned to obtain a refund, the commission that was paid based on the purchase of this product will be deducted from the refund amount.
Purchase of products from an Affiliate, a third party or any entity other than SINC 3D is not subject to a refund.
Products and sales aids will be considered re-sold if each of the following conditions is met:
1) they are unopened and unused;
2) the packaging and label have not been changed or damaged;
3) they are in such a state that it is a commercially sensible practice in trade to sell the goods at full price;
4) this is returned to SINC 3D within one year from the date of purchase.
Any product that is clearly identified as un-recyclable, discontinued, or specified as a seasonal product, will not be re-sold. SINC 3D club fees are not refundable, except for those required by applicable law.

Section 8.1 – Qualification to receive bonuses and commissions
The Affiliate must be active and fulfill the terms of the contract and act in accordance with these Regulations, its annexes and SINC 3D Code of Ethics to qualify for bonuses and commissions. As long as the Affiliate fulfills these conditions, SINC 3D will pay commissions according to plan and leveling to such Affiliate.

Section 8.2 – Regulations / corrections to bonuses and commissions
Affiliates receive bonuses, commissions or bonuses based on the actual sale of products and services to end customers. When the service is canceled or the product is returned to SINC 3D or when it is again purchased by SINC 3D, the Affiliate will be required to refund the bonuses, commissions and bonuses in one of the following ways or several of them in total:
1) bonuses, commissions and bonuses received for returned or re-purchased products or for canceled service will be deducted from the bonuses, commissions or bonuses due to the Affiliate and Affiliate upward branching in the next pay period until recovered to recover the entire premium, commission or bonus;
2) Affiliate or Branch Up Affiliate
who has earned bonuses, commissions or bonuses based on the sale of returned products or canceled services will have deducted corresponding points from the branching result down in the next month and each subsequent month until the bonus, commission or bonus will be fully recovered;
3) bonuses, commissions or bonuses assigned to returned or re-purchased products or canceled services may be deducted from any returns or advances to the Affiliate who received bonuses, commissions or bonuses from the sale of returned products or canceled services.

Section 8.2.2 – Checks from the commission in the form of a hard copy
SINC 3D pays commissions by MasterCard or by bank transfer. SINC 3D will deduct a handling fee of 14 USD from each bank transfer and 5% (+23% VAT = 6,25%) from commissions realized by MasterCard.

Section 8.3 – Reports
All information provided by SINC 3D in downstream activity reports, including personal results and down branches (or any part) and recruitment downstream activity, is considered appropriate and reliable. However, due to various factors, independent of SINC 3D, this information is not guaranteed by SINC 3D and can not constitute grounds for claims against SINC 3D, its employees, board members or the president.
All personal results and down branches are provided without warranty, expressed or implied, or representations of any kind.
To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, SINC 3D or other persons creating or transmitting information will not be subject to the Affiliate
or anyone else for any direct or indirect damage arising from the use of or access to personal or group information regarding the volume of sales, including loss gains, bonuses or commissions, losses of opportunity and damage that may result from inaccuracies, incompleteness or inconvenience, delay or loss of use of information. By accepting these Regulations, the Affiliate
declares at the same time that he is warned and that possibility. The above provision does not change even if SINC 3D or other persons creating or transmitting information should be warned about the possibility of such losses. To the fullest extent permitted by law, SINC 3D or other persons who create or transmit information will not be responsible or to persuade by this information Affiliate or any other person to take any action and related direct or indirect damages, loss of negligence, including criminal liability, etc.
Reliance on an Affiliate, a legal entity or a third party on this information is at the own risk of referring to this information. If the Affiliate or legal entity is not satisfied with the accuracy or quality of the information, please cease using and accessing online reporting services.

Section 9.1 – Disciplinary sanctions
Breach of the Agreement, these Regulations, SINC 3D Code of Ethics, violation of any general legal obligations, by the Affiliate or such behavior that SINC 3D may, in its sole discretion, damage its reputation or reputation may result in, at the sole discretion of SINC 3D, one or more of the following corrective measures:
1. Issuing a written warning or admonition;
2. Affiliate’s commitment to take immediate corrective measures
3. An obligation to pay compensation or compensation, which at the discretion of SINC 3D may be payable once or deducted from bonuses or commissions;
4. Loss of rights to one or more bonuses and commissions
SINC 3D may deduct all or part of the bonus or commission during the period during which SINC 3D investigates any behavior considered a breach of contract. If the Affiliates bonuses are canceled due to the violations foreseen in this section, the Affiliate will not be entitled to recover any commissions deducted during the investigation process.
In addition, SINC 3D may, at its discretion, take the following steps:
1. Suspension of an individual partnership agreement for one or more payment periods.
2. Lowering the Affiliate’s position in the structure, which can then be achieved again by the Affiliate.
3. Transfer or removal of some or all of the branches downstream of the Affiliate from the branch down the Affiliate.
4. Termination by SINC 3D of the contract with the Affiliate violating the terms of the contract with immediate effect combined with the waiver of claims by him to bonuses, commissions and bonuses
5. Suspension or closing of websites or access to the websites of SINC 3D Affiliate who violates the terms of the agreement, these Regulations or SINC 3D Code of Ethics
6. Implement another means clearly indicated in any contract clause or one that SINC 3D considers as feasible and appropriate for a fair resolution of claims caused partly or solely by the policy of violating the Affiliate or breaking contractual records.
In situations deemed appropriate by SINC 3D, it may initiate legal proceedings to obtain compensation or redress.

Section 9.2 – Complaints and grievances
If an Affiliate has a complaint or complaint regarding another Affiliate or legal entity regarding any practices or actions, that Affiliate should be the first to report a problem to his / her recruiter who should review the matter and try to resolve it with a branch sponsor up the other page. If the case contains an interpretation or violation of SINC 3D policy, it must be indicated in writing to the partner services department of SINC 3D. A branch of Affiliate services has to review the facts and try to resolve the dispute amicably.

Section 9.3 – Mediation
Before taking appropriate legal action, the parties should meet in good faith and try to resolve any disputes arising or relating to the contract through mediation. One person mutually accepted by the parties will be appointed a mediator. Mediation should take place within 60 days from the date of appointment of the mediator. Mediation charges and costs, just like the costs of maintaining and running mediation, should be divided equally between the parties. Each party will pay part of the anticipated joint fees and costs at least 10 days in advance of the mediation. Each party will pay its own legal representatives fees, costs and individual expenses related to running and participating in mediation. The mediation will be held in the city of Poznan in Poland and will not last more than two business days.

Section 10.1 Restrictions on the use of credit cars by third parties and checking account access
The Affiliate may not allow other Affiliates or Customers to use his / her credit card to recruit a new Affiliate or to take over a legal entity.
Section 10.2 – Sales tax
SINC 3D is required to collect taxes on the sale of any product or service and transfer taxes to relevant entities and offices. Accordingly, SINC 3D has the right to collect and transfer taxes from Affiliates in accordance with applicable tax rates. Any exemption from sales taxes approved by SINC 3D is not retroactive.

Section 10.3 – Payment regulations
Payout requests made before Monday, before noon at noon CET, will be always paid the following Monday before 12:00 noon CET.
The current minimum bank transfer amount is 200 USD.
The current maximum weekly bank transfer amount is 4000 USD from a person.
The current minimum transfer amount from the digital wallet is 98 USD
The current maximum weekly digital wallet transfer amount is 19000 USD from a person.
The current bank transfer fee is 14 USD on the transaction and 1% on the digital wallet.

All data mentioned above are subject to change at any time without prior notice and take effect immediately.

Section 11.1 – The effect of the appeal of contract
SINC 3D derives commissions to Affiliates that relate to SINC 3D series based on the Compensation Plan. The Affiliate loses the names of the premieres, commissions, titles, rights and shares in the organization that has submitted the application for a voluntary agreement or cooperation agreement.
Voluntary or involuntary annulment of the contract, termination of the contract, termination of the contract or inactivity. means the loss of any Affiliate’s rights, including the ability to purchase products and services of SINC 3D, receiving bonuses or commissions or other sources of income that are the source of business activity of the former branching down. Affiliates are then obliged to waive all rights that may have, among other things, property rights, the possibility of receiving any commissions and bonuses or any other payments as a result of any actions of branching the branch down.
The Affiliate whose contract has been voluntarily or involuntarily annulled, terminated, terminated or because of his inactivity is entitled to receive commissions and bonuses for the last pay period of activity before the above-mentioned circumstances occur. The sum may be withheld due to the unintentional termination of the contract.
SINC 3D reserves the right to terminate the partnership agreement in writing 30 days in advance if:
1) Affiliate ceases of economic activity
2) Solutions as a legal entity;
3) The Affiliate completes the distribution of products through direct sales.

Section 11.2 – GREEN DONATIONS

Section 11.2.1 – Green Donations due to inactivity
If during the last 180 days, there were no turnover for a minimum of 88 USD, the Affiliate business center automatically joins Green Donations. Once a business center joins green donations, then 8% of accumulated PP points in Back-Office will be monthly (every 30 days) given to Green Donations.

Section 11.2.2 – Green Donations of Business Volume(BV)

If you have not generated any personal BV for a minimum of 88 USD worth of pack in the SINC during the last 365 days, 8% of your accumulated BV from the stronger leg will be given out as Green Donation. The BV which is distributed as Transaction Fees does not calculate towards the personal BV. The Green Donation will be given out every month (30 days) until an Affiliate generates a personal BV. The 365 days without Green Donation will be calculated from the date when an affiliate’s most recent personal BV for a minimum worth of 88 USD pack, which was generated in the SINC system.

Section 11.3 – Closure of account
If an affiliate has minus PP’s in Back-Office and fails to generate any turnover as of Section 11.2, the account will be closed in 90 days, without the possibility of reopening.

Section 11.4 – SINC 3D Club services
The SINC Club services are optional and will be described in the annex to the following Regulations.

Section 11.5 – Voluntary cancellation
The participant in this network marketing plan has the right to terminate the contract at any time, regardless of the reason. The termination must be made in writing to the address of SINC 3D. A written statement must contain the Affiliate’s signature, name, address and user’s Affiliate’s name as well as a clear declaration of termination.

Section 11.6 – Return to SINC 3D
The Affiliate may voluntarily cancel his / her partnership with SINC 3D and then return to it. SINC 3D may also decide to exclude a specific person from the group of Affiliates.

Section 11.7 – Exceptions to the activity requirements
There can be only exceptions to the requirements of Affiliate and recruiter’s activity
1. the birth of a child combined with a period of four months after the birth of the child.
2. calling for active military service by the state of which the Affiliate is a citizen;
3. serious illness preventing or significantly impeding the functioning of the Affiliate;
4. a serious accident that prevents or significantly impairs the functioning of the Affiliate.

The court competent for all disputes with SINC 3D will be the court chosen by SINC 3D.
The law applicable to these Regulations and all disputes with SINC 3D will be the Cayman law with all its consequences.

Global Community Concept Group Ltd.
c/o HSM Corporate Services
68 Fort Street George Town, PO Box 31726
Grand Cayman, KY1-1207 Cayman Islands
e-mail: support@sinc3d.com

The conditions and procedures shall enter into force on 18-DECEMBER-2020 and remain in effect until they are modified and/or updated. All data mentioned above is subject to change without notice. Amendments take immediate effect immediately.


SINC 3D Code of Ethics

The Code defines a set of ethical standards applicable to Global Community Concept Group Ltd. (SINC 3D). It is in accordance with SINC 3D Regulations and it is an annex to this regulation. Non-observance of the rules contained in this code will have consequences described in chapter 9 of SINC 3D Regulations.

I. General regulations

1. The relationship between the Affiliate and SINC 3D and its representatives is based on trust, cooperation, mutual respect, honesty, loyalty and care for the brand and the reputation of SINC 3D.

2. It is prohibited to distribute false or untrue facts or inaccurate information about SINC 3D, its members, Affiliates and authorities.

3. Affiliates should refrain from taking actions that compromise the good name and brand of SINC 3D.

4. Each Affiliate is subject to a confidentiality clause in terms of its internal relations with SINC 3D, the business plan, relationships between Affiliates, and between Affiliates and their Clients.

5. It is forbidden to disclose to third parties, including Affiliates, personal data that the Affiliates has access to as a member of SINC 3D, and to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (with further changes).

6. All login data to Matrix Genealogy are confidential and may not be disclosed to third parties, especially those not related to SINC 3D Affiliates.
7. Practices to increase the income received within the structure that are fictitious or otherwise in contradiction to the SINC 3D Regulations are prohibited.

8. Affiliates should act honestly, in accordance with applicable law and with respect to other members of SINC 3D.

9. Affiliates uses only his own personal data and data of a business entity conducted by him and uses his personal data to contact SINC 3D and commercial transactions.

10. It is prohibited to use misleading, fraudulent or unfair practices in acquiring and financing new Affiliates.

11. Transition of Affiliates to other locations within the structure is permitted, only exceptions of this rule are in SINC 3D Regulations.

12. Affiliates may not directly or indirectly take any action to induce another Affiliates to act contrary to the rules or the Code of Ethics.

13. Information provided by Affiliates to those who wish to gain access to the structure should be factual, true, accurate and comprehensive, and given in a fair and honest manner.
II. Direct Sales and Advertising of SINC 3D products
1. Affiliates sell SINC 3D products in a direct selling system, which is to be understood as the retail sale of products outside the store network, directly to the end customer by the person presenting such products. Direct sales require a personal presentation of the product and provide relevant explanations. Sales should be accompanied by explanations and product demonstrations.

2. By conducting a presentation, direct sales or providing advertising services, or by presenting the terms of cooperation, Affiliates uses materials provided or expressly accepted by SINC 3D. Materials containing SINC 3D should be accepted in advance.

3. By conducting direct sales of SINC 3D products, Affiliates should only sell the originally packaged products and provide truthful information.

4. The information provided about SINC 3D products should be accurate and comprehensive.

5. Information for Clients should be provided in a clear and understandable way.

6. Affiliates do not use unfair, unlawful or prohibited advertising.

This Code of Ethics comes into force on 18-DECEMBER-2020.