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The Caytrex exchange is opening in Q1 2019!

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Promo valid: 22.10.2018 – 16.12.2018

Through his countless journeys, Jan M. Pasboel has got to know modern global business inside and out. As a successful entrepreneur, and participator in world’s progress, he has shared this extensive knowledge to everyone willing to become a part of free, international community. In a series of events around the world, Jan has explained the concepts of global shares, modern technology, and self-development achieved through community-based action to people who share the same, broad mind frame. The world is opening up rapidly and it is offering to you a completely new lifestyle. Learn how to achieve success in modern world at one of Jan’s powerful events, get a grasp on groundbreaking 3D printing technology, and acquire the world citizenship!

100 PCV for the seller


  • Ticket to a single coach meeting with Jan M. Pasboel, valid worldwide until 31.12.2018
  • Entrance ticket to the next GCC Event Dinner or other Event, valid worldwide until 31.12.2018 (incl. non-alcoholic drinks)
  • 3D printing Education Subscription – a subscription course: Introduction to 3D printing e-book that includes 10 modules
  • 98 EUR 3D Print Voucher – a voucher you can use in our 3D Print Points worldwide, valid 90 days
  • A set of 3D printable models
  • Subscription to a series of 5 monthly Motivational Coach training videos
  • VIP status at next GCC Event or other Event

  • *at emission rate, sent in 72 hours
    ** Important information:
    Gift Certificates cannot be used for this exceptional promotion.
    All promotional GCC’s are individually escrowed for 150 days.
    Amount of GCC will be visible after 72 hours in your back-office, and after we have received payment of BTC (or other payment) on our Account from the GoCoin merchant.