Coach - M Package

Event ticket and 3D education



Embrace the motto of Jan M. Pasboel, an entrepreneur who has run several companies around the world and uses his great business experience to show how others can progress to prosperity. It’s not just deeply appealing speeches that he is known for. The complete marketing know-how and the great passion for community development and education on new technologies places him among the motivational speakers who care: someone who makes a difference! Attend the meeting at which he will demonstrate to you how to achieve personal success and financial independence through huge opportunities brought by modern, globalized business models. Learn about the unlimited possibilities of 3D printing and start a fascinating journey to success!

Basic amount of added coins: 2,500 GCC for the buyer / 168 PCV for the seller

What you get:

  • Ticket to a single coach meeting with Jan M. Pasboel, valid worldwide until 31.12.2018
  • Entrance ticket to the next GCC Dinner or other Event, valid worldwide until 31.12.2018 (incl. non-alcoholic drinks)
  • 3D printing Education Subscription – a subscription course: Introduction to 3D printing e-book that includes 10 modules
  • 48 EUR 3D Print Voucher – a voucher you can use in our 3D Print Points worldwide, valid 90 days
  • A set of 3D printable models