New Life Maxi

Amazing Opportunity




You get:

Make purchases in different currencies through supported Mastercard terminals around the world. Now you can have your SINC payouts loaded directly to your personal GCC SINC Payout Card!
Store your GCC SINC payout money entirely on the pre-paid SINC Payout Card and do the shopping anytime you want. Make payment requests directly to your card and get it loaded at just a 5% (+23% VAT = 6,25%) loading fee. Enjoy the most comfortable payment option provided by The GCC Group. We take no yearly, monthly or activation fee and we don’t charge any transaction fee from your purchases.
The card enables you to withdraw money from ATM, pay online, and check your account balance for free at ATM, online and on a mobile application.
Request payout before 12:00 CET on Monday to have your funds loaded next Monday (just like with regular payouts on your bank account) from your The GCC Group account straight to your SINC Payout Card.

  • 3D EDU subscription
  • Coach Subscription
  • 2 x GCC pre-paid card
  • 3D Print Points Voucher (98 EUR) valid until 31.12.2018.
  • 3D Café Voucher (48 EUR) valid until 31.12.2018.


PROMOTION! A CHOICE TO RECEIVE 30.188 GCC! AND 248 PCV for the seller

Promotional GCC escrowed until: 08.10.2018. Delivery costs, duty and taxes not included. Card images for visualization purpose only – graphics on shipped products may vary.