• First cold storage wallet for Global CryptoCurrency
  • Compact flashcard format to fit in every wallet.
  • Built-in USB connector, IC, NAND memory
  • On-board encrypted OS and pre-installed wallets for most popular blockchain based cryptocurrencies
  • Hardware-independent – it only needs a USB port on a PC device connected to the internet. Plug the card in and reboot computer from the card. Manage your coins to and from wallets and then shut down system again. Coins which are stored on the card are safe in an offline cold storage.


  • 2 pieces of GCC Bitfreezer flashcard cold wallets
  • Cards have GCC, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Ripple, Neo and ERC20 wallets installed
  • User’s instructions
  • A digital file on the basics of crypto-security and cold storage
  • A choice to receive 1 180 GCC free of charge
  • 95 PCV for the seller

Promotion! A choice to receive 1 180 GCC FOR FREE!

Store your cryptocurrencies safely. BitFreezer flashcard is a cold wallet that will safely store your assets with three layers of protection and physical encryption. Disconnect it from devices with internet access and keep it in safe place to eliminate potential hacker attacks or hardware failures. BitFreezer has its own operating system that works independent of your device, which means you can work with it online without security risks, too. This is one of the best solutions to guard your digital value – the login code, password, and Google Authenticator app protection prevents data access by any unauthorized person. BitFreezer works with Windows, Mac OS and Linux and has preinstalled wallets for Global CryptoCurrency, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Ripple and Neo. We recommend using it for long-term holding of your cryptocurrencies.