3D Scanner

Great Portability




  • It’s easy to setup and use
  • Folds neatly shut for stowing away on the shelf between uses
  • Ideal for scanning real items into the digital world
  • Works with most 3D printers
  • Maximum scannable object: 22.9 cm height x 20,3 cm diameter and max weight 3 kg
  • Scan time from 6 minutes to 6 hours (depends on the resolution)
  • Weight of the scanner: 1,71 kg. Packed weight: 3,2 kg
  • Free downloadable MF Scan software compatible with Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS 10.9 or higher


  • 1 voucher (value: 550 EUR) to buy a 3D portable scanner including:
    • 1 power cable
    • 1 USB B cable
    • Calibration box
    • User’s manual
  • Subscription to “Introduction to 3D printing” course
  • 10 unique digital 3D objects
  • Voucher for entrance to a future GCC event
  • A choice to receive promotional 13 450 GCC free of charge
  • 778 PCV for the seller

Promotion! A choice to receive 13 450 GCC FOR FREE!

Scan light objects precisely with the full-color Matter and Form 3D desktop scanner powered by the Adaptive Scanning™ technology. The scanner is packed with high-resolution optics and custom software built into a smart carry case you can take with you and setup conveniently anywhere you want the 3D scanning magic to happen! Three default scanning options and the whole bunch of advanced settings will help you adjust speed and difficulty to your needs and see the results of your work in real time. The user-friendly Matter and Form Scan software will make sure that all your scanning projects are pure fun, no matter if you are a home user or a 3D specialist.