3D Entry

Great Start




  • Acknowledged by hobby printers as one of the best entry to mid level 3D printers available
  • Comparatively large print area of 300 x 300 x 400 mm (height)
  • Good precision of +/-0.1mm with standard extruder nozzle 0.4mm
  • Possibility to use smaller nozzle’s of 0.3mm and 0.2mm
  • Movement speed of 200mm per second. Print speed up to 150mm/s
  • Uses globally available standard filament size of 1,75mm
  • Can be used with the following filament types PLA, ABS, TPU, copper, wood, carbon Fibre
  • Works On-line connected to a PC or offline with a SD card
  • The controller accepts file formats :- STL, OBJ, JPG, PNG, Gcode
  • Shipped as a kit with only 2-3 hour assembly time (compared with 1-2 days for a larger printer)
  • Boxed weight 13,8kg. Printer weight 9kg.


  • 1 printer kit Creality CR-10S
  • 1 roll of filament for testing
  • Voucher value – 538 EUR
  • Detailed step by step assembly instructions on SD card
  • 10 Unique to GCC group 3D object files
  • Subscription to 3D Training course
  • 4 Tricks and Tips in 3D videos for the CR-10S
  • A choice to receive 13 450 GCC free of charge
  • 770 PCV for the seller

Promotion! A choice to receive 13 450 GCC FOR FREE!

Feel the power of simplicity which allowed printing enthusiasts around the world to create impeccable prints easily. Acknowledged by hobby printers as one of the best entry to mid-level 3D printers available, Creality CR-10S is the answer if you are only starting your 3D printing journey but are looking for print quality that can be compared to industry-grade units. This instant classic printer can be assembled in only 2-3 hours and has a larger-than-usual printing area that will make room for all your 3D experiments! Our pack comes with 10 unique The GCC Group 3D model files, 4 Tips&Tricks videos for the CR-10S printer and subscription to our 3D Training Course which will open before you the huge and fascinating world of additive manufacturing.