GO! Coach - L

Portable printing, videos and 3D education



We are always taking 3D printing to the next level. This is why our offer now includes the revolutionary BQ Witbox Go! 3D printer. Equipped with Android software – the first 3D printer in the world to implement this solution – the printer can be operated easily from your smartphone! Witbox Go! is light, portable and smart-looking. The awarded design will fit perfectly into any interior, becoming a perfect addition to every modern house and office. Become the avant-garde of 3D printing industry and equip your 3D Print Point with Witbox Go! To help you with your printing efforts, the package includes our 3D printing education subscription course and a voucher you can redeem at 3D Print Points. Plus, we are adding all the exclusive content that comes with our GCC Coach L package, so that you can enjoy your 3D printing adventure even more!

Basic amount of added coins: 24,500 GCC for the buyer / 1,098 PCV for the seller

What you get:

Witbox Go! 3D Printer 778 EUR Voucher*
3 x 300 g filaments
3D printing Education Subscription – a subscription course: Introduction to 3D printing e-book that includes 10 modules sent one by one every two weeks
698 EUR 3D Print Voucher – a voucher you can use in our 3D Print Points worldwide, valid 90 days
A set of 3D printable models
Coach Videos Subscription XL

*Transport & Customs clearance is not included (can be exchanged to a 3D Print Points Voucher).