WIN the amazing 3-night stay at an exclusive GCC Thailand Event, new BQ Witbox Go! 3D printers and Smartphones!

We are excited to share with you our big plans for the next GCC Event, coming April 2018 in Thailand!
Welcome to one of the most attractive tourist getaways! Thailand offers hundreds of islands with long coastlines and beautiful tropical beaches. The country’s rich nightlife and astonishing ancient culture are both greatly entertaining and spiritual. Uncover its unique attractions with The GCC Group!

Make arrangements, build your ranks, and start your journey to the Kingdom of Thailand at full throttle! Below you will find the description of the rules which will qualify you for the competition and give a chance to win! YOU CAN JOIN ANYTIME WITHIN THE COMPETITION PERIOD!

START: 18.09.2017
EXPIRATION: 04.03.2018


• Exclusive GCC Thailand Event packages
• 1 Smartphone each week
• 1 new BQ Witbox Go! 3D printer each month

Terms & Conditions

The GCC Thailand Event Competition offer is set for every Affiliate of The GCC Group. The offer starts on September 18th, 2017 and expires on March 4th, 2018. In order to win and receive the competition rewards, the participants must sell the enlisted GCC packs over the term of the competition as provided in reference to the particular prizes described below:

1. Full Event + Hotel package prize

• Including: 3 nights at a 5-star hotel (single room), event ticket for 1 person, lunch and dinner during Thursday Education day for 1 person, dinner on Friday Main Event for 1 person
• Excluding: alcoholic beverages, flight to Thailand and transport to/from hotel

To win the above prize Affiliates must: From 18.09.2017 to 04.03.2018 personally sell minimum 1 “Coach M 338 EUR pack” and 4 “Coach XL 838 EUR packs”. Payment for the ordered packs has to be received before the expiration date 04.03.2018.

2. Full Event + Hotel + Flight package prize

• Including: 3 nights at a 5-star hotel (single room), event ticket for 1 person, lunch and dinner during Thursday Education day for 1 person, dinner on Friday Main Event for 1 person, flight to & from Thailand for 1 person, shuttle bus to and from hotel.
• Excluding: alcoholic beverages

To win the above prize, from 18.09.2017 to 04.03.2018 personally sell minimum 4 “3D GO! packages” (1938 Euro or 2438 Euro) + 1 “Coach XL 838 Euro package”.

3. Monthly competition: Give-away 1 BQ Witbox Go! printer.

Including: 1 BQ Witbox Go! printer can be won per month.

To qualify and get a chance to win this fantastic prize – Sell minimum 2 printers monthly. These can be 3D GO! Packs or PRO packs or MASTER packs. This competition is run on monthly basis and then resets, so at least 2 printers must be sold and paid for within 1 month to qualify and get a chance to win a printer that month. Only one person with best sales in a given month wins. If more than 1 person sells the same number of printers (at least 2) in a given month, then the second criteria is the highest personal PCV from these printer sales. If there is a tie in PCV for the month, then the total number of all packages sold in the month will be the next criteria. If, again, a tie occurs, then the person who sold the 2nd printer first wins.

4. Weekly competition to win mobile phone and 288 GCC on Web Wallet.

Affiliates need to personally sell minimum any 2 of the 5 new promo packs during a particular week to qualify and get a chance to win the weekly prize. Only paid packs qualify. Only one person wins in a given week. If there is a tie in the number of sold packs, then the highest PCV accumulated during the week decides who wins. However, if there are 2 persons with the same amount of PCV, then the person who collected the PCV fastest during that week is the final winner.

Important notes for all Thailand Prizes:

• Weekly prize competitions – Weekly competitions do not overlap. If the same person wins more than 1 weekly prize, then they need to decide which prize they will take and then the runner-up of the other competition wins the prize for the other competition.

• Affiliates who win prizes in any competition will have the number of packages used to win taken away from their accumulated packages sold during the competition. These packages used by the winner will also be taken away from other competitions running in parallel such as the Cruise competition.

• It is possible for 1 person to win both the Weekly Mobile phone prize and the Monthly printer give away prize. But remember when winning the weekly competition the packages used to win that prize will be taken off the accumulated packages of the winner.

•A winner may choose to resign from the prize if he wishes to keep his accumulated packages to have better chance at other prizes – in this case the runner-up wins the prize.

General competition rules:

• All GCC competitions are addressed to the affiliates of The GCC Group. In order to qualify, the Affiliates must meet the requirements of each competition they decide to enter into by selling packs and/or collect points as provided.

• Affiliates can participate in all active competitions. Different GCC competitions that may last over the same period overlap, so points and other qualifiers collected according to one competition rules count in other competition, if the requirements are met. In that sense, points won for selling a pack can be counted many times and be doubled in different competitions.

• How to assign points to a particular competition:
The process of assigning points is automatic. Affiliates can choose the preferred award where applicable. Our support will call the winners and ask which they like better. Please note that not all packs available for purchase are considered in the competitions.