GCC Ecosystem24 is our key to the world’s sales turnover! It is expected to become the largest group of websites created to allow people to buy the most popular products and services using our cryptocurrency – TheGCCcoin and, during the development period, other currencies. With The GCC Group, you always get the most advantages!

All of the 24 websites will be integrated with each other in order to make the purchasing and navigation simple. Don’t waste your time on logging on different portals. All you need is one account to use all of them.

Our flagship project of Ecosystem24 is 3D Print Points, but you will also love Better Bet – sports betting and skill gaming portal, GCC Travel24 – to find the best holiday offers or GCC TakeAway – to order food wherever you like! Now you can get your share from every transaction made worldwide in Ecosystem24 and even more!

Sit back, relax and enjoy financial freedom!


Transaction Fees – how does it work?

Transaction fees are generated on 24 portals giving access to popular goods and services. No matter if the customer uses TheGCCcoin, another cryptocurrency or any fiat currency – 0,088% fee is generated per transaction on this portals.

0,024% goes back to our Affiliates as a BV points, which can be converted into EUR, GCCs or Bitcoin. Binary Volume points generated by each Ecosystem24 portal are equally shared to all SINC positions connected to particular portal groups.

TheGCCcoin – the real People’s Money!

0,024% goes to support green projects e.g. planting trees, saving the wildlife and reducing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.

By joining The GCC Group you always help the nature!
0,040% fee is meant for the development of the GCC Ecosystem24 and The GCC Group itself. Thanks to that we are constantly growing and expanding our services.

Transaction Fee sharing & Binary model

Transactions fees generated by Ecosystem24 are converted to BV points.

  • Binary Volume points generated by each Ecosystem24 portal are equally shared to all SINC positions connected to particular portal groups
  • System lets those BV points multiply by running up the legs, then calculate and place final amount for each position
  • During the next pay cycle, BV points are converted to binary and matching bonus according to standard rules


What can I buy in Ecosystem24?

GCC Ecosystem24 is an idea of 24 portals offering a wide range of most commonly used products and services where everybody can find something interesting. Explore the most compelling products and services from The GCC Group! In our offer, you will find the most innovative technology of last years – 3D printing, also known as the Third Industrial Revolution. We provide people with 3D printing by creating the first global green 3D platform service.

Together with other Ecosystem24 portals, e.g. sport betting exchange portal GCC Better Bet, GCC Travel – smart search engine to find the best offers to travel worldwide and GCC TakeAway – a portal where you can order food online, etc. they will support & protect TheGCCcoin value now and in the future and boost your income even when you’re sleeping!

Develop your SINC position

START – you start here when joined as an Affiliate. You don’t have an access to transaction fee sharing yet, but you can get to the next SINC positions simply by collecting PCV points!

IRON – you get to this position by collecting only 18 PCV. You’re entitled to transaction fees from 1 Ecosystem24 portal – TakeAway – global food ordering site.

BRONZE – collect 88 PCV and get access to transaction fees from 2 additional Ecosystem24 portals = 3 in total!

SILVER – having at least 488 PCV, you will be sharing transaction fees from 8 additional Ecosystem24 portals = 11 in total, including GCC Travel – best offers to travel worldwide!

GOLD – get 1.888 PCV (including at least one Explore Pack sold) to get a share in transaction fees from 8 additional Ecosystem24 portals = 19 in total, including Better Bet – online gaming and sports betting portal.

PLATINUM 3D – make 2.888 PCV (including at least one Pro Pack sold), establish at least one active and verified 3D Print Point to get a share in transaction fees of all 24 portals, including TOP 5 of them with GCC 3D Print Points! Get your share in the Third Industrial Revolution!

TITANIUM – collect at least 6.888 PCV (including at least one Master Pack sold). You will be sharing not only Ecosystem24 transaction fees but also those generated by unlimited external businesses worldwide + our 3D Print Points PROFITS!