GCC Better Bet

The GCC Better Bet was born to aim and serve both professional and recreational gamblers. GCC Better Bet provides safe and secure sports betting on sporting events, from any location in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
GCC Better Bet recognizes the importance of confidentiality. We understand that you expect your betting activities to be confident. Thanks to the transactions made with our cryptocurrency The GCC coin, your personal information and activities are kept secret.
In every major sporting event (such as UEFA Champions League football final match) the money turnover at the sports betting may reach the astronomical amount of 16.5 billion EUR!
In short- you are gaining money just for being a being a member of The GCC Better Bet ecosystem!
As an example:
16.500.000.000 : 0,024% = 3.960.000 EUR : 10.000 people = 396 EUR in PV
Join now and enjoy your winnings!